Advanced Physiotherapy Treatments in Newcastle

Advanced Physiotherapy Treatments in Newcastle

Dependent on symptoms and diagnosis there are a number of different treatments available either to be used solely or together as an integrated treatment plan. Some of these treatments are below for your reference.  If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact Next-Gen Physio on 4965 5712 or send us a message here.


All Next-Gen treatments begin with a thorough assessment using the latest in hands on and technological equipment to get to the bottom of a patient’s problem and determine the cause. Aren’t sure? Book an assessment. 

This may involve checking old or current injuries, tightness and pain being experienced by our patients.

Treatment Plan

All Next-Gen patients receive a detailed computer based plan with the number of sessions, diagnosis, reasons for the problem and any treatment required. No being left in the dark about what is required.


  • Series of exercises to be done at home or when visiting clinic
  • All ages and fitness levels
  • Provide real time relevant feedback to your therapist

Hands On Therapy

  • Soft tissue massage
  • Joint mobilisation and manipulation
  • Muscle energy techniques
  • Active release therapy
  • Trigger point release therapy

NormaTec Compression

The NormaTec Recovery System is used frequently with great success post-surgery to assist in the better flow of fluid in and around the surgery site. Can also be used following intensive exercise and sporting activity to assist in the removal of waste from the muscles. Very relaxing if you have been working and on your feet all day or if you are an elite athlete needing faster recovery times.


  • Use of all types of rigid tapes and RockTape
  • Support areas of weakness
  • Suitable for all ages and fitness levels

Dry Needling

  • Target and treat specific areas
  • Decrease pain, headaches, muscle spasm and tightness
  • Combine with physio treatment for best results

Dry needling uses sterile acupuncture needles inserted deep into muscle tissue to assist in the improvement of blood flow and nerve response to a particular area of the body. When combined with a physiotherapy treatment, the effects of deep tissue therapy and massage offer faster recovery, reduction in overall swelling and pain associated with surgery or injury.

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