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Burpee Challenge Break Down with Tom

What Tom Learnt Doing Max Burpees in 10 Minutes Straight


At the start of this year we really wanted to showcase some awesome small/local businesses around Newcastle that we love and are fantastic at what they do, giving rise to the segment #tomtries. We have tried Dougheads, Fruitbrothers and Mayfield West Kebabs and Charcoal Chicken, and have absolutely loved doing so! Yum, yum!!


As a bit of an alternative to this, our receptionist Caitlin challenged Tom to do as many burpees as possible in 10 minutes!! Bloody ripper of a challenge. You can watch the video HERE. Tom got through 70 burpees in 10 minutes, which is a pretty decent effort. How many do you reckon you could do?


Interestingly, whenever one of these movement challenges pops up around the place its often (gulp) a pre-cursor to injury. A Physio doing a challenge that he probably wasn’t ready for – the irony!


In all seriousness, doing this 10 minute challenge taught (or should we say, re-affirmed) to Tom a very fundamental lesson that is a very well-established principle and one we preach at Next Gen Physio…


Giving things a go you aren’t prepared for is good, stepping out of your comfort zone is a positive thing! …. But, pace yourself and don’t let that competitive urge kick in (even though there was no actual competition, ha). Listen to your body in the moments of physical overwhelm, breathe through it and most of all do it all with a smile on your face!

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