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Getting Back Into Running

Tommy’s Tips!


Tom shares three tips for getting back into running, which he himself is doing after a long(ish) hiatus and can’t wait to enjoy some sunshine!

1. Start with 20-25% of your previous running distance. Let’s say you previously ran 50kms per week, then a good goal to start with would be 10-12.5km per week. From there, a gradual increase of around 10-30% per week is a good guideline. Try not to add too many different variables at once such as speed, terrain and cadence. Keep it simple and don’t go too hard too soon.

2. Get any niggles checked out! Of course a Physiotherapist would say that but its awesome advice. Runners are susceptible to overuse injuries and one of the biggest predictors of future injury is in fact … a previous injury! Don’t wait and let the problem get out of hand.

3. Track what you are doing! Strava is a great tool but it really doesn’t matter what you decide to use, it just helps guide you on your return to run journey and helps you follow the progressions outlined in tip 1. Most of all though, enjoy yourself! Running has given me so much the course of my life and I honestly think the fresh air and sunshine can make any day that little bit better!


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