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The best place to buy your new joggers in Newcastle?

The best place to buy your new joggers in Newcastle?

There is so much information currently on the best type of jogger for different types of physical activity. It can get really confusing! Not to mention the ease with which we can purchase things online .. sometimes it can be really common for people to make the wrong decision and end up with something that isn’t right for you. Or worse, causes you pain and discomfort!

If you are looking for new joggers, you probably fall into one (or maybe two) of the following three categories:

  1. You 110% need them – the current joggers you own are the same Brooks you wore to pre-season soccer in 2004. No question in your mind, you are ready for new joggers and start an exercise venture.
  2. You think you might need them or you aren’t sure if the ones you have are spot on correct for you. This could be as a means of improving your performance or just because you might be in the wrong type of jogger
  3. You are in pain, have an injury or something causing you tightness or discomfort (think foot pain – plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon problems, knee problems, shin splints) and wish to be wearing the correct footwear in order alleviate this.

Pretty simple right!? We wanted to give local Newy/Newcastle residents a QUICK step-by-step plan to getting the perfect jogger!

  1. IF you have orthotics and they have not been checked in over a year, see your physiotherapist or podiatrist to ensure these are still appropriate for you
  2. Any pain, niggles or injuries MUST be assessed or checked out by your physiotherapist before you embark on choosing a new jogger
  3. Head in to Pure Performance (Darby Street, Warners Bay & Maitland) for an honest and open discussion about whether new joggers are appropriate for you, which type are going to be best for you AND of course .. optimising the style of your joggers to match you and your unique personality! 😉

There you go, real easy and simple but we reckon this is the best way to get yourself in the correct jogger for both injury management but also to help you perform at your best!

We are so big on supporting local businesses in Newcastle and are always blown away by the level of service and support from the guys are Pure. We know injuries, feet and the body .. these guys are experts in providing our patients with correct joggers to be happy and hopefully, pain free.

Ripper! Good luck.

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