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Can you do this?

Can you do this?

Being able to hold a deep squat for a minimum of FIVE MINUTES (yes, we said five!) is a basic functional movement that ALL humans should be able to achieve. 

Unfortunately, due to the physical pressures of the modern world (sitting too much, previous injury, areas of pain or participation in sport/recreational activities) many of us simply cannot hold this position.

Not being able to get into and hold a good quality deep squat means that you have movement restriction somewhere in your lower body which predisposes you to pain and injury (or you might already have pain/an injury!)

We’d love for you to have a crack and send us your feedback of how you went at the deep squat!! If you can’t get yourself into this position, if it hurts or if you can’t hold it for five minutes .. its worth getting yourself checked out. We offer a free assessment which means we can have a look at your deep squat and give you an idea of where the problem may lie. 

Remember .. if something has been causing issues for more than 3-5 days, its probably not going to fix itself!

Work on that squat!

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