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F45 and injury prevention. You MUST do these, the big 3!

F45 and injury prevention. You MUST do these, the big 3!

The very nature of F45 is to squeeze as much intensity into a 45 minute session as possible and in turn, produce the greatest results. F45 is also known for it community-feel and highly structured sessions. Its full-on, there is no two ways about that and all our therapists at Next-Gen Physio have participated in an F45 class. Whenever a high level of intensity is reached, there will always be a greater risk of injury or pain. Think of a powerlifter deadlifting 400kg, or a Rugby scrum .. or even sky-diving, intensity = risk.

However, managing this risk is absolutely key to ensure one can continue to perform and enjoy F45.

So .. here it is, three things YOU MUST DO, if you are an F45er (and want to keep being an F45er for that matter!):

1. Don’t arrive to class right on the whistle

Although there is a warm-up at the beginning of an F45 class, its always optimal to get yourself to class early so you can perform a more extensive pre-sesh run through. Being physically and mentally prepared for your session will help prevent injury (der) but will also optimise the results you will gain during the session. Its a double whammy, double benefit .. whatever you want to call it but make sure you get yourself to class early, you’ll thank us for it.

2. Avoid competing with others if it compromises your technique

We see this A LOT! This is certainly not encouraged by F45 trainers, for the record! However, sometimes a small glance across at your mate or altering the weight you select because of what the chick or bloke next to you is doing .. this is a recipe for disaster! Competition is great but don’t lose your technique because you are too busy trying to outdo someone else! Take the long approach with the weight you select and the results will come.

3. Rug up before and after your class

YEP .. its our Australian winter at the moment (so obviously this one wouldn’t apply during the Aussie summer!) but those early morning 5.15 classes or the late night Romans sessions, it can get damn cold! You are in a rush to get to your session or the adrenaline is pumping afterwards and you forget to rug up. Going too quickly from cold–hot (pre session) or hot–cold (post session) shocks the body and can place tissues under stress. Gradually remove layers as you arrive for your session and gradually add them after. Don’t forget as well, this is a major risk factor for getting sick in the winter months. RUG  UP!

There you go, 3 easy tips you can employ to reduce your risk of injury at make sure you can keep smashing those F45 workouts out .. yew!!

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