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Some info about ankle sprains …

Some info about ankle sprains ..

Ankle injuries seem like a really straight forward injury to manage because they are SO common but in reality they are often managed very poorly.

It’s super important to get in to see your physiotherapist as soon as you can to get an accurate and early diagnosis. As long as the injury is not too severe we always aim to get the ankle moving as quickly as possible with a home exercise program and through our own hands on techniques.

It’s also vital to try and get rid of the swelling ASAP as this enables exercises to be progressed quickly. We use a combination of our NormaTec compression boots and recommend ice for our patients at home as well.

There are times when crutches and a cam/moon boot are required but this is dependent on the patient.

REHAB can take from anywhere between 2 (minor) and 12 (major) weeks and a massive focus must be on prevention!! This is key, so many patients we see roll their ankle over and over and over again – don’t want that!

Look after yourself!!

The Next-Gen team!

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