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Mastering the Merewether stairs, Next-Gen Physio’s take

Mastering the Merewether stairs, Next-Gen Physio’s take

OK OK so we are really JUST (?) talking about putting one foot in front of the other, aren’t we? Either walking or running *at varying different speeds might I add, up a set of stairs. Pretty standard sorta thing to do as a human being, yeah?

However, there is a nuance to the Merewether (MEZ) stairs. There are so many incredible things about this delightful patch of concrete in Newcastle that we decided to write a guide to mastering, or should we say .. optimising this amazing part of the world for your health and wellness goals.

Firstly, the reason these stairs are so great (and seperate them from other staircases, such in an office building or within a home):

  1. Overlooks what we believe to be the most stunning coastline in Australia (not biased, FACT) [what about that viewww]
  2. Enables a super duper (duper) convenient post-stairs recovery swim in the baths
  3. The length of the stairs is perfect for a challenge without being obscenely steep or long
  4. A nice little open area of concrete at the bottom of the stairs to throw in some body weight exercises (spices things up if stairs alone aren’t your thing)
  5. Its fun and you will more than likely run into someone you know and love on the stairs #community

There are many other reasons why but 5 seems like enough, don’t you think? Oh we shoulda thrown in the potential to see a ripper sunrise or sunset whilst working your butt off. Amazing.

Now, mastering these stairs. Heres a few workouts (no matter your fitness level) to get you gassing up and down the MEZ stairs in no time (and in turn, getting fit as a fiddle so you can confidently stride down to the baths, leap in the water feeling good about the efforts you’ve put in). YEWWW.

PROGRAM #1 – Beginner, if you’v never done the stairs before

  • 5 stair repeats
  • Walk OR jog up and down (depending on your comfort level)
  • Push yourself to about a 6/10 effort level (take. it. slow)
  • Progress to program #2 once this becomes easy/easish

PROGRAM # 2 – For the average fitness goer

  • 10 stair repeats, running up and down
  • Descent should be 1/2 the intensity of the ascent (in other words go slower on the way down to recover)
  • At the bottom: the following simple mini-circuit should/could be completed for fun and variation
    • 5-10 squats
    • 5-10 push ups

PROGRAM #3 – Mount Doom, VERY HARD, experience stair goers and exercise “sickos” (that is, obsessed individuals .. we all know a few around these parts):

  • 30 stair repeats (yep 30), running up and down.
  • Descent should be 1/2 intensity of ascent
  • At the bottom: the following mini-circuit should be completed
    • 10 squats
    • 10 push ups
    • *if you wanna be a complete head case, throw in 5-10 burps here

(we smell a competition here? suggestion? quickest time …)

THERE YOU GO, wouldn’t say this is a comprehensive guide to the MEZ stairs BUT certainly gives a pretty sweet breakdown of why its such a bloody awesome place to get in shape and a few little workouts you can try to test yourself.

And by the way, stair running is one of the easiest ways to overload your tendons so please take it slow, be smart and if you are in pain .. see a physio who loves NEWY as much as you do!! #nextgen

Catch ya later friends.

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