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Newcastle .. don’t become obsessed with STRETCHING!

This is inspired by a conversation I had with my mum while walking along Newcastle Beach this morning. An avid runner, the old chook was complaining of general leg tightness and that stretching wasn’t cutting it. I asked her whether she was doing any strength training, the answer .. a resounding “NOPE”.

Its so easy when we are feeling tight or sore too immediately rip in and stretch out. For the record, this is great and we all should 150% be stretching daily, regardless of whether you are an office worker, elite athlete, mum or dad or gradnparent.

BUT, at Next-Gen Physio .. its our passion, we are really really big on figuring out exactly WHY you might be getting tight all the time. If the SAME muscle constantly feels like it is tight or needs to be stretched, there is probably some sort of weakness issue that needs to be corrected with strengthening exercises!

Check out this link, we’ve hit on x3 easy strengthening exercise that will help you .. doesn’t matter who you are or what you do! If you are worried, make sure you check with your physio to ensure these are appropriate for you!

Can’t go wrong getting strong!

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