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Niggles Getting Back Into Training? 5 Stretches We Love! Part 2

Continuing on with Part 2 of Tom’s blog series here are the final 3 stretches that we love!

If you missed Part 1, check it out here!

3. Deep Squat

Great For:

  • Stiff ankle joints
  • Difficulty getting deep into a squat position


A really good goal is to be able to hold a deep squat position for 60 seconds with your heels flat on the floor, chest nice and proud. This one is really difficult and most of us really struggle to get into this position.

It can tell us a lot about how mobile we are, not only through our ankles but also our knees and hips. interestingly, many cultures that spend more time in a deep squat position are much less likely to experience knee, ankle and hip problems throughout their life!


  • Any pain in this position is a marker that something could be going on that requires a physiotherapist’s assistance
  • Previous knee injury and/or surgery
  • Previous ankle injury and/or surgery

If any of these “caution” markers are applicable to you for any of these stretches recommended, you should see a physio and it is not appropriate to follow a generalised routine like the one outlined.

4. Pigeon / 5. Half Knee Hold

Great For:

  • Tightness through hips
  • Office workers/those who sit long periods
  • See “caution” section below


2 sets of 30-60 seconds each side


Interestingly, a number of the conditions these stretches are GOOD for, can also be problematic. The pigeon and half knee hold can be super effective at reducing tension in the hips which can affect downstream to the knee (patellofermoral pain, patellofemoral syndrome) and upstream to the lower back, so can be great for lower back pain! Just be careful and cautious, and in most cases if your pain is low level, then these should be helpful for you.

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