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Is it possible to run without pain?

Is it possible to run without pain?

Do any of the following apply to you? We’d love to help!

  1. You are a runner
  2. You are running with injury or pain
  3. You’d love to get back into running
  4. You know a family member who runs or is running with pain/injury
  5. You are interested in preventing a running injury
  6. You have never run before or would like too

Late in 2016 it became obvious to Next-Gen Physio that we needed a 3rd Physiotherapist to join Mitch and Tom and to complement our remedial massage therapists. We interviewed and searched and pondered and considered. Its always a tough decision because we need to make sure our patients are receiving the most optimal care!!

The time came and we hired our fantastically gifted new physio who comes to us with an incredible pedigree including working with the Newcastle Knights to determine if posture affects injury in NRL players.

Ed is capable and keen to treat all areas of pain and injury however he has a particular interest in runners and running injuries (as a sidenote Ed is an avid runner and triathlete who competes regularly, is sponsored by Skins and can run 15km in 57 minutes – pretty damn quick!).

The best bit for those interested in running without pain; we will be offering specialised running analysis and programming sessions for Next-Gen patients (and/or friends and family referred to Next-Gen by an existing patient) as of the 15th January. Super exciting!


  • GoPro Video analysis of your running technique (indoors on a treadmill)
  • GoPro Video analysis of your running technique (outdoors)
  • Footscan using force plate technology to assess your gait (walking mechanics)
  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to assess your overall movement mechanics
  • Developing a plan based on the above information to return to pain-free running (this is where the magic happens!!)
  • Personalised running plan (can be tailored for a specific event or distance, for example City to Surf, Hill to Harbour, 5km Parkun etc)
  • Sessions are health fund claimable (HICAPS)

So the answer to our question, is it possible to run without pain? Of course, 100% it is – you just might need a bit of help to get there!

If you’d like to book a session with Ed or would like some more information, give us a call (4965 5712) and speak with our lovely receptionists to reserve a timeslot.

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