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Prehab, short for pre-rehabilitation is an element of physiotherapy that I am passionate about. Essentially, prehab is a program of exercises designed to prevent injury. Too often, people wait to become injured to begin an exercise program to correct muscle weakness, imbalances and flexibility issues. Why not begin a program to correct these before the injury occurs? Avoiding injury means avoiding time lost away from work, sport or any other activity you enjoy doing. Prehab can and should be done by everyone through the lifespan.

All it takes is 10-15 mins a day. These exercises can be done anywhere; at home while watching TV or in the workplace. I personally have a 15 min prehab routine that I do daily in my lunch break. Cumulatively, this adds up to over an hour of gym activity a week. I have noticed the effects of this routine. By staying injury free, I have been able to put together consistent training towards my triathlon races for 2016.

Below are some of the most common issues we see with patients that lead to injury, and a great example of a prehab exercise to prevent this:

  1. Reduced rotator cuff strength


Shoulder external rotation in 90 degrees.

  1. Reduced gluteus medius activation and hip stability



Single leg mini-squats

  1. Reduced core strength and stability


  1. Inflexibile hip flexor muscles


Hip flexor stretch

  1. Inflexible calf muscles


Soleus stretch

By seeing a physiotherapist and getting a ‘screening’, we can look at you physically from head to toe and determine what your specific issues are that may predispose you to injury. Based on this, we design a tailored individual program for your activities. You will develop a greater understanding of your own body; what your strengths are, and what your limitations are. Awareness of your own body is key for positive long term health outcomes.

Prevention is better than cure.

Come in and see us at Next-Gen to find out more!

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