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Sleep … and nice weather!

Sleep .. and nice weather!

A word from Next-Gen Physio … taken directly from our awesome 3 weekly email we send off to our whole database of patients .. just a few musings!

Get more sleep!

This is Ed, one of our physio’s, completely kitted out – ear plugs, blanket and eye mask. All of this is in an effort to get a few extra minutes of shut eye in his lunch break. We are massive on the importance of sleep for recovery, whether you are in pain or rehabbing from an injury. Try and sneak in a power nap during the day and/or make sure you are getting enough hours of sleep each night. Its a cliche and its old school but if you are struggling with anything to do with your health .. try and increase how much you sleep!!! You know you should! 

How good is this weather!

Yep, the weather is getting nicer … yeeeeew! And its amazing! BUT, our practice increases in traffic directly in correlation with improvements in the weather outside! Its interesting really (a bit weird!). We put it down to one simple thing, nicer weather = more people exercising outside = more people likely to hurt themselves/be in pain. If you are embarking on a health or exercise kick, please let us know! We honestly see SO many patients between now and .. well basically when it gets cold again, with injuries that could of been prevented! 

Kind regards .. and look after yourself!

The Next-Gen team 

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