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So you are in the swing of things, but your ACHILLES is sore …

So you are in the swing of things, but your ACHILLES is sore…

Suns out, weather is cranking and the beach is calling us BUT the all too familiar thoughts .. “man, I need to get in shape” ripple through our mind. Ahhhh!

It’s so common (and understandable). We want to feel good and enjoy the blissful Australian outdoors! Innocent enough – we’d also like to look alright doing so! These common thoughts lead to a mad rush of motivation and planning followed by early morning starts and crazy diets!

We have started exercising. It feels good. Results are sure to occur, we know it and can feeeeel it’s going to happen!!

But, like a thud, BHAM, “that stringy thing at the bottom of my calf, its sore .. real sore!”. Its pretty obvious, you take some time off and will be right. Its nothing too serious. My friend said I should ice it up and try stretching my calf. All is good. Surely? Right? Alas, I return to my favourite walking track, gym class or trail and its not good. It’s not the most excruciating thing I’ve ever felt but it just hurts (heaps) and I feel like I can’t really continue. This sucks!!

We hear the above story ^^^ so often at this time of the year!

The Achilles tendon is one of the most commonly injured parts of the body in those who are returning to exercise, beginning something totally new or dramatically increasing the amount they are doing. Running and walking are the major culprits but group fitness classes or social sport (such as touch football) can equally cause the same dramas.

If you are in this position and would like to sort out your Achilles and get back to what you love doing, you know where to go for help!

Cheers legends!

The Next-Gen team.

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