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The end of daylight savings, the frosty mornings, and the increase in wet weather marks the beginning of the winter sport season. By now, most winter sport teams are in full training, gearing up to hopefully begin the season on a winning note.

At Next-Gen in 2016, we have been doing a lot of pre-season screening on sports clubs in preparation for their upcoming winter season. We have been working closely with netball and soccer clubs.

Players attend the clinic, where they undergo the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). The FMS requires the individual to complete seven movements. The ability to complete each of these movements correctly is essential to injury prevention. Each movement tests strength and mobility, putting the individual in positions where weakness and imbalances will be identified. Each movement is scored out of a possible three marks, with the final total out of a possible 21 marks.

Using the results of the FMS, we have been able to design individualised injury prevention programs for each athlete. We are seeing some great results so far, and are looking forward to retesting players to see improvements.

In addition to screening sports teams, I personally have been incorporating the FMS into many of my initial assessments with patients. Having a quantitative measure that can be easily reassessed is motivating for patients. The FMS is appropriate for anyone. So whether you an elite athlete, a weekend warrior or anything in-between getting ready for a big winter of physical activity, give us a call at Next-Gen to book your FMS.

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