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Should you foam roll or stretch first? The rubber band analogy

Should you foam roll or stretch first? The rubber band analogy

First off, foam rolling really can encompass any technique that falls under the “self-massage”/rolling category. This could involve utilising other tools than a foam roller such as a spiky massage ball, bakball or massage stick.

Stretching speaks for itself .. you know, that thing your physio constantly tells you do but you forget or don’t do as much as you should! (its all good, its a process developing these habits!!)

Now the answer to this question …

100% you should roll before you stretch!!

Rolling is utilised to break up tightness and density within muscle tissue. This then enables us to lengthen out the muscle with stretching exercises to really build long-term flexibility.

The best way to describe this is the rubber band analogy. Imagine a rubber band with a knot tied in the middle of it. It is MUCH easier to lengthen that rubber band once you have untied the knot. This applies to the muscular system as well – break up those tight knots within your muscle and then lengthen them out. The result is a pure bliss – improved flexibility/mobility!

The best bit about all of this is improved mobility = decreased risk of injury and less pain. How good is that!!

If you aimlessly flail around on a foam roller or stretch in your lounge-room with no real clear idea of how to effectively roll, we can design you a specific and individualised program so you can be pain free!

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