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When you walk into Strong Broadmeadow you will find a beautiful waiting area as you walk in, a stretch zone and a large group fitness room with Pilates Reformers with rowers attached to them. More recently there has been the addition of bikes which what I opted for as my cardio choice for the workout.

When Strong opened at the end of 2021, I conducted an injury prevention seminar with their members so I was familiar with the concept and space.

The owners of Strong at Broadmeadow, Jake and Lily, are a lovely couple who took the extra time to chat to myself, Zac and Caitlin who came to the class with me. Whilst being a franchise, there really was a genuine family feel too Strong, with regular members chatting before and after class and the general vibe was so positive and upbeat.

The class itself was intense but enjoyable, and Steph the instructor was motivating without being in your face. Strong Broadmeadow seem to have gotten the balance right between getting your heart rate up and also the technical side of Pilates which focuses on the core, glutes and hips. There definitely was a gap in the market for this and Strong has done a great job filling it!


The scented wet towel we were provided with at the conclusion of the class was such a nice way to finish! A great touch that made me feel special but was also practical given the sweat that was pouring off me.


For you exercise nerds out there, the workout consisted of the following:
*note details hazy as I was working hard, I’m sure the team could provide specifics if interested*

  • 8-minute row or ride
  • Lunge sequence on the reformer
  • Row or ride / sit up / snatch circuit
  • Groin strength drill on the reformer
  • Row or ride to finish


All in all, I loved the class, as did Zac and Caitlin and I would definitely recommend to patients under my care as appropriate!


Check out the video of the team’s visit to Strong Broadmeadow!


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