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Trish is a Paediatric Endocrinologist by trade and amongst her busyness and commitment to looking after her patients, she unfortunately fell and fractured her neck of humerus. Definitely not funny at all!

The particular risk with this injury is developing adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), so a really solid range of motion rehabilitation program is required after 6 weeks of sling-wearing. A lot of dedication is required to get the best results, and boy did Trish dedicate herself!

We don’t subscribe to a “no pain, no gain” approach at Next-Gen, however sometimes in small doses it is required. In this case Tom has performed a lot of passive stretching in the treatment room to get the shoulder joint moving and the results have been incredible!

We strongly believe successful post-fracture management is a combination of well thought out Physiotherapy intervention, along with good old fashioned hard work from our patients. In fact, this is relevant for any of the injuries and areas of pain we look after

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