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3 out of the box tips to sort your neck out!

3 out of the box tips to sort your neck out!

We all know some of the more conventional and commonly utilised methods to decrease neck tension and tightness as well as headaches that are associated with this. We are talking here about remedial massage, dry needling and stretching/ strengthening exercises. If you are having issues with your neck or struggling with headaches and HAVN’T tried any of these, definitely get yourself some one on one physio treatment and make a start at sorting these out!

However, lets talk about some less conventional, more out of the box tips you can implement (TODAY!) to sort your neck out. Make sure you follow each of these exactly as outlined! Without further ado, lets check them out:

#1) Take a quiet, hot bath with the lights turned out for 30 minutes | So often, patients we see in our clinic are super super stressed from the pressures of daily life which manifests itself as neck pain and the presence of headaches. Taking time away from the world is a great stress reliever – what better place that in a hot bath! Focus on moderate-depth abdominal breathing to further the benefit. FYI, whatever you do, do not look at your phone while you are in the bath – this is not going to relieve stress and puts the neck in a wonky position!

#2) Take a magnesium supplement | Speak with your pharmacist about this one but magnesium is a nutrient so often deficient in modern diets. Increasing your intake through a supplement is vital if you are suffering from neck tightness as magnesium is responsible for muscle relaxation. Get yourself sorted and onto some magnesium, the most underrated nutrient! Oh, and a nice feed of veggies is a great way to increase your magnesium intake!

#3) Drink 1 litre of water the first hour you are awake | This seems like a lot, but so often we sleep in insanely awkward positions and are in a dehydrated state doing so (6-8 hours without water!). Commonly headaches are associated with a lack of water intake so getting on top of this as you soon rise in the morning is a must!

Remember, these 3 tips should not be your first port of call if you have neck pain. Its always optimal to get yourself assessed by a physiotherapist and provided with a plan to sort your problem out, both initially but also to prevent a recurrence.

We’d love to hear from you if you are having neck pain and/or headaches, let us know – we can be reached via or our phone number is 4965 5712.

Look after yourself!

The Next-Gen team 

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