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3 (Simple) Tips To Fix Your Plantar Fasciitis/Heel Pain!

3 (Simple) Tips To Fix Your Plantar Fasciitis/Heel Pain!

Its experienced by literally 1000’s of Australian’s every day. You wake up with intense/stabbing

We see this in our practice ALL the time. Its a very common complaint. Plantar fasciitis is an irritation of a layer of fibres around the muscles in your arch which over time, puts strain or pressure on your heel bone, sometimes leading to a heel spur.

Heres 3 simple tips you can try to sort out your pain. If these don’t work .. its probably best you get in and see your favourite physiotherapist who can put together a plan of attack to get you back on track. We are pretty tech savvy @ Next-Gen and love online bookings, check these out here or call us if you need more advice

  1. Touch your toes morning and night – this will stretch out the whole back side of your body which can help alleviate tension off your arches, make sure you at least 10 of these at a time. Super easy!!
  2. Ice the bottom of your feet – yep, its old school and won’t fix the problem long term but can definitely help with your pain. 20 minutes three times per day or whenever pain is present. Bonus tip: try rolling/self massaging the bottom of your feet out with an iced water bottle, a little massage never hurt no body!!
  3. Try and avoid the task(s) that causes your pain! Again, seems like an obvious thing but unfortunately, a lot of patients come to us who have just pushed and pushed and pushed without unloading the area. If running or long walks or soccer hurts, take a rest for a few days to take some pressure off!

There you go! We generally recommend the above 3 tips for 2-3 days and if you don’t experience any change in your symptoms its worth getting an assessment to get to the root of your problem and (of course) to fix the issue!

Cheers and good luck!

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