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This week seems to be the week of injuries related to posture. Issues with posture are the root of injury for many people.

In 2015, I completed an Honours Research Project where I observed the posture of elite rugby league players. From the junior through to the senior level, I noticed common trends in the posture of rugby league players; notably that of forward shoulder and head position.

When I began working in the clinic, I continued to notice these trends not only in athletes, but in the general public also. We live in a society where we spend a significant portion of our time sitting down looking at a screen. Without proper back support in our chairs, we slump forward, putting strain on our neck, shoulders and upper back. Sitting also leads to tightness in the hips and lower back.

The introduction of stand up desks to the workplace has been a great advance to minimise the amount of time spent sitting down. However, a thorough ergonomic assessment is essential to ensure the desk is set up best for you.

So do yourself a favor and avoid sitting as much as possible. If sitting is a necessary part of your job, stand up regularly. As a general rule, standing every 20 minutes is a good frequency. You can also incorporate daily exercises to counter the effects of sitting, and correct your posture. Below, are three of my favourite exercises. These exercises aim to extend your thoracic spine, stretch your chest muscles, and stretch your gluteal muscles.


Thoracic foam rolling


Chest stretch on roller


Sitting glut stretch

Regularly doing these exercises will help prevent posture related injury. I believe these exercises need to be incorporated as part of a daily exercise program.

Come in to Next-Gen to get an assessment of your posture, or contact us on (02) 4965 5712 to organise a workstation assessment for your workplace.

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