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Set up your desk perfectly!!!

Set up your desk perfectly!!!

LETS GET NERDY!!! We know that sitting is realll bad for us (and we talk about how important it is to get up and move as often as you can) BUT we understand how common it is, how many people have desk based jobs. One of our physio’s Ed has scoured the research base (and with our own personal experience) and compiled the following .. how to set your desk up perfectly


  • Angle of back rest between 90-95 degrees.
  • Back rest positioned in curve of lower back.
  • Arm rests are not recommended.


  • Between 680 and 735mm.
  • Sufficient room under desk to move legs freely. Clear of any obstructions.
  • Consider the use of footrest for feet if unable to touch ground after adjusting to desk height.

Keyboard and mouse positioning

  • Angle of elbows should be 90 degrees below shoulders when using keyboard and mouse. Keyboard positioned forearm distance away from body.
  • Keyboard positioned directly in front of body (letters G & H aligned with naval). Mouse close to keyboard to avoid overreaching.
  • Place phones on non-dominant side within easy reach.

Monitor positioning

  • Monitor centered directly in front of body.
  • Top of monitor at eye level.
  • Monitor positioned approximately 1 arm’s length away from body. You should be able to read the text on the screen without leaning too far forward.
  • If you are using more than 1 monitor, you should position the primary monitor as described above. Additional monitors should be placed in positions that can be easily viewed without bending your neck.
  • Monitor positioned at 90 degrees to light sources to prevent glare. Avoid placing monitors directly in front of windows.

There you go, make some changes .. it will take no time at all and you’ll make a massive difference to your comfort, productivity and hopefully, experience less muscle tightness/pain!

Look after yourself!

Next-Gen Physio

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